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Foundation for Nonprofits Community Corps Application

Basic Information


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Skills & Experience


Describe any skills or achievement(s) you would like to include in your application that are not included in your resume.

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Getting to Know You

Tell us a little about yourself. (ie what motivates you, what brings you joy, explain why something is your favorite thing, etc.)

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Tell us about your non-professional hobbies/interests.

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Why do you want to be a Foundation for Nonprofits Community Corps member?

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How would your participation in Community Corps add value to the Foundation for Nonprofits community & the larger Arizona nonprofit community?

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What do you hope to get out of being a Foundation for Nonprofits Community Corps member and/or what would a successful experience look like for you?

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Please share anything else that may be relevant to you application.

Demographic Information

In all things, Foundation for Nonprofits strives to embrace people with skills and talents to offer the community and a commitment to sharing those skills and talents for the benefit of all. We collect this data strictly to evaluate Foundation for Nonprofits systems and methods for bias. This information is not used in application consideration in any way.

Please check the statements that apply to you:

Please check the statements that apply to you: